A darts hangover to start Saturday morning.


That hurt.

I'll be back on the oche later, mind.

I tried to focus on a Buzz and Chronic piece.

OUCH again.

A trip the farmer's market didn't help.

All I wanted was some basic veg. I ended up stumbling through some random hangover conversations.

Apologies, all.

Christmas dinner was then organised.

I say organised, I mean that I popped into the boozer and gave the bar staff our menu choices.

Job's a good 'un.

And then finally a cycle along the Trail for a luncheon swim.

It was incredibly mild out in the estuary wilds. This doesn't feel like the Christmases that I remember.

I absolutely BOMBED in the pool.

I had the entire pool to myself, but still I couldn't hit the right strokes.

The second half of the Brighton / 'Boro game put me in the mood for some proper football. I buggered off to watch Wivenhoe Town Vs sorry, forgotten who.

6-1 to the Dragons. I rather enjoyed it to be honest.

Early evening was spent rustling up some slop from the farmer's market odds and sods that I picked up. I've got enough for four days of meals.

More bloody school video editing followed. I've just about finished.

And then DARTS.



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