Another 7am work shift, and then another mad dash to the lovely lido.

With the winter solstice upon us next week, the blue waters of Lake Brockwell are not open until as late 8:15am at the moment.

This makes for something of a splash and shower spectacle, when you are expected at school for a 9am start.

I managed a brief photo opportunity with Le Gai Pensionnaire, and then had 8 lengths of Brockwell blue.

The water was way too warm.


The official reading was 10 degrees, but I suspect a couple higher.

I was fine with only one swimming hat, and then had to set the shower temperature to cold in the slightly stuffy changing room.

A cycle through Loughborough Junction, Camberwell, and then through to SE17.

It was the BEST day of the school year.

Not in absolute terms (I have personally had better...) but for sky high staff and pupils who are all in need of a Christmas break.

I was stuck in a bloody annoying iPad tech loop.

It should have been so simple: I wanted to lift some school Christmas concert videos off an iPad.

The ideal solution would to simply upload via the iPad to the school Vimeo account. But the broadband capacity wasn't there for 25 or so video clips.

No worries. I will mail them to myself.

Except the school server won't accept gmail connections for some weird reason.

OK - how about installing my ancient hotmail account on the school iPad, and then try this route.

It worked, but it meant that the clips were all horribly... clipped.

I then needed to upload them to iMovie on the Mac, edit, export, and then upload again to Vimeo.

Back in the day and my reliable flip cam would have turned this around in half an hour or so.

The modern interweb: overrated.

I had to duck out of the Secret Santa consumer fest at chucking out time.

I was booked on the 16:44 back to over there, with a very special girl waiting for me.

The mad cat has been on her Jack Jones for the past 48 hours :disappointed:

She greeted me with a roll, and then sulked all evening.

Cheers, luv.

My ROCK 'N' ROLL Friday night continued with chuffing video issues.

All of the work that I put together during the day was of course exported at a WHOPPING file size via the set up on the school iPads.

I tried to upload 10 new clips to Vimeo.

The uploader gave up after the first ten seconds of the first video.

And so to complete this fargo update with a weird fixation with Friday video files, I then opened each file in Quicktime, exported it back down to a reasonable size, and then uploaded to Vimeo once again.

I've got ten more clips of the school Christmas concert to go. My Vimeo limits are set to ten uploads per day.

I'm in this for the weekend.

Bloody hate video. Audio all the way.

I finally managed to get my head down for some serious DARTS action around 9pm.

World Champs - LOVE IT.

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