A 7am work shift, and then the 8:34 train back to South London.

I looked sharp, even if I say so myself.

The cycle down to Sunny Stockwell was strangely quiet.

What has happened to all of the traffic?

Even the new Elephant Bend was a bit of a breeze. I still managed to get lost though.

And then there was a strange SW9 school day.

It was all fun of course, but I switched SE17 with SW9 for the day.

The reason?

The school Christmas talent contest was taking place in SW9.

Cliche, cliche crap - but this is the real meaning of Christmas.

So many kids - some with talent, others less so to be honest.

But everyone was grinning.

My mouth hurts.

It was fitting that a young stand up comedian was the winner.

Thursday evening was spent back in the flat, battling with crappy broadband and losing the battle to upload school videos.

And laughing at Chelsea.

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