A dull day - made duller still with Anna disappearing incredibly early off to South London.

This wasn't the estuary wilds weather for heading out. I stayed in and got my head down.

Stop / start work shifts took up most of the day. The modern interweb melts in the run up to Christmas.

I then decided to try and make some progress in my online un-archiving project.

This has been ticking along incredibly slowly for the past couple of years.

Basically I'm uploading all of my images from CDR over the past decade back to my online archive, sorting, tagging, and then trying to think of a suitable system for sharing.

I'm pretty excited about it - especially the ten years of school pics that I have hidden away.

I haven't seen most of these images in over a decade.

Dulwich, Streatham Redskins and London Towers basketball feature heavily.

In fact for the period 2005-2010, all that I did was watch Dulwich, Redskins, Towers...

It's a slow task to complete this process.

In two years of on and off tinkering with the CDRs, I've got as far as... 2005.

@RobertElms kept me company for the shifts / photo sorting.

I really didn't want to enjoy the three hour Peckham special, but the listeners came up with some fantastic local stories.

I then received an invite for speed-dating.

Oh dear.

Relax - it's not as SEXY as it seems.

I have been invited to speed-date as a sociology graduate with undergrads, telling them how my ACE degree has changed my life.

Except it hasn't.

Sorry luv, I just don't fancy you, etc.

I let them down gently.

My interest in all things archival then got me making a start on the 50 odd unplayed Downtown Soulville podcasts.

I reckon that this was what I listening to back in the day when I was taking all of those snaps.

Timeless listening.

LOVE it.

Plus I never knew that Got My Mind Set On You is an old soul 45 original.

Fancy that.

Tuesday evening was spent watching the Salford match.

Oh - and half an eye on @SE1's Twitter and Mixlr feed.

Bloody Garden Bridge.

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