"Do you want a 7:30am Saturday morning work shift?"

Probably best not after a 2am school party the night before.

And so I settled on the lovely lido instead to start off the weekend.

I was late in arriving, catching the tail end of the other Icicles at 10am.

This also meant that I had a lane to myself.

Twenty lengths. 'Avi it.

It was probably four too many to be honest. But the mental figure of 20 pushed me through the FUCK - what's happened to my fingers feeling.

The hangover was cured, and just hd time for a few flat chores at Sunny Stockwell.

And then:

"To St Pancras!

Or To The Fair City, via St Pancras.

I had family Christmas commitments back in Nottingham.

This is probably the final time that I will get to spend in the family home. The folks are moving on...

I saw my sister and a nephew, fresh from his gymnastics display.

I made a crap Uncle joke about the spelling of Boyz on the back of his gym club hoodie.

We watched some Ram Slam T20 and the Man Utd match, and then I buggered off to the City of Death.

Oh dear.

It was bloody brilliant of course. The reason to cross the County boundary to Leicester was for the annual Diesel Park West Christmas gig with the crowd that I use to run with back in the day.

Booze and Byrds inspired strumming from the heart of the Midlands.

LOVE it.

I kept up the tradition of blagging another DPW set list ti file away with the other 20 or so.

Another swim tomorrow morning hopefully, back in the pool where I first learnt to put in the lengths.

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