Back in the water for Friday morning.

It was more like back in the water for the bicycle ride in to be honest. The Trail was a bloody mess.

I managed to have a lane to myself in the pool. I put is a satisfactory 40 lengths.

And then back to base, and back in the estuary wilds mud all over again.

What a mucky pup.

Work was pretty good for the end of the week.

I received some unexpected news about a client for the new year ahead.

Job's a good 'un, etc.

And then late afternoon I buggered off back to South London.

Friday night was spent in Camberwell on a school Christmas party night out.

I'm always a little unsure of these events.

But yeah - I rather enjoyed myself.

I had a bit of a bop as well.


Lovely lido for the hangover cure in the morning :blush:

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