The mad cat alarm call worked wonders for Thursday morning.

She was marching away on my chest, well ahead of sunrise.

Cheers, dear.

And then she refused to move.

I was trapped in my own bed by a mad cat who had taken up residence on my warm chest.

I played along for a short while, and indulged her new place of sleep.

But pay to play, etc - time to WORK.


She didn't speak to me for the rest of the morning, apart from throwing up a mix of dry food and garden grass.

In better news: First Utility - DO ONE etc.

My cheque finally arrived on Thursday. I am free from the far from competent utility company.

It only took the best part of a year to resolve this.

A leisurely cycle along a blustery Trail followed.

At the other end I found my barber (actually, she's a hairdresser, but that doesn't sound quite as blokey.)

A quick No.1 all over, and then a quick dash for the pool.

But there was to be no swim for Thursday morning.

Woe is me, but I'm still full of snot and shit.


I arsed around in the spa and steam room instead.

A mild working day, with a later afternoon trip into Sunny Colch.

I had a 'business meeting' (ha!) for a possible new year project.

I finally managed to buy a pair of M&S slippers as well.

Don't ask, but hellooooo Dad.

And then on to the Town Hall for the final CBC Full Council of 2015.

Anna came back from South London late in the evening.

The mad cat went extra BONKERS.

I fear that we won't get much sleep this evening.

Oh dear.

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