Bright estuary wilds skies to greet Wednesday morning, which meant a midweek swim.

But something wasn't right.

The signs at the pool directed me towards the female changing room. I didn't need much encouragement to be honest.

Inside I found West Ham Wanker shampooing his short 'n' curlies.

Gawblimey, fella.

Happy Wednesday, etc.

The Wife Swap situation was to do with workmen carrying out some repairs. If I had known I would have brought my bikini instead of my trunks.

It wasn't the best of swims - 40 lengths with a blocked nose.

I'm never sure if a swim is the best cure for a timid cold. I'll find out tomorrow morning.

Some work shifts back at base, and then a out to meet an old work colleague from... 1987.

It turns out that we have both been washed up in the same estuary wilds village.


The social then became the practical. The conversation turned towards a couple of new projects for 2016.

I have the ideas, the skills, and hopefully the time.

An afternoon of further work shifts followed. I'm still locked out of some of my key online tools.

A workaround has been sourced. I'm treading carefully...

Aswad were the Reggae Tune of the Day with @RobertElms. As ever they sounded absolutely ACE.

We'll get to see them at Lambeth Country Show one summer...

Early evening was spent on bloody end of year tasks. By nature, it is a chore every chuffing year.

It involved going through my files, updating records and shredding outdated documents that have now been replaced by 2015 versions.

Remember: financial investments can go down, as well as up.

Oh dear.

I was on a roll though, and so foolishly attempted the Christmas card writing session.

I'm pretty organised, with an Evernote list of folk to send cards to each year.

I went up to the loft to get the spare cards that were left over from last year.

I resisted the temptation to get the decorations down as well - far too bloody early.

Much to my surprise, Anna was incredibly organised as well.

A pack of cards had a post it note on saying: Used same cards in 2012.

I think that a three year break is sufficient. It does show the folly of the whole card exchange thing though.

Have a good one, etc.

And then the second half of the Arsenal match.

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