A His 'n' Hers work morning from home. We were both desk bound at 6:30am.

Romance, eh?

Anna then buggered off to South London, leaving me with some company network connectivity issues.

Working remote is all fine, except when the internal connectivity isolates you.

I went for a walk instead to the Post Office to collect another pair of Rockabilly jeans that I have bought.

I'm in love with them already.

The cut of the denim is ACE. You definitely need to decide if you want to hang left or right before buttoning them up.

No room for swingers.

Chas and Dave livened up the luncheon working shifts with @RobertElms.

True Diamonds. We will be eulogising them as London icons in generations to come.

More work with a restored internal network followed.

And then Tuesday came to a close with some school editing from SE21 yesterday, and laughing at Man Utd.

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