An 8:10am opening for the lovely lido.

What's that all about?

As Icicles we can survive the almost sub-zero water temperature, but not darkness apparently.

I was prepared for this, and so set off a little later from what was a genuinely Sunny Stockwell.

I was still late, natch.

The usual Icicle crowd was already towelling down.

I had something of a strange female changing room incident - I really can't explain what happened, and I don't think that the poor @KingsWellFish can either.

Apologies, Madam.

And so only time for eight lengths this morning, and then a cycle up through Herne Hill, en route to a school day in SE21.

Straight outta the pool, straight into... Mariah bloody Carey.


All Christmas songs are ACE of course, apart from Mariah bloody Carey.

And then the day went, just like that.

I managed to make it around most classes, Primary through to Secondary.

There is still plenty of learning taking place. The Christmas countdown has yet to fully kick in.

Come chucking out time and I had to finally head back to over there after my week of self-imposed Transpontine exile.

Oh dear, etc.

I had the joy of the new E&C roundabout that isn't a roundabout to cycle over.

It was a doddle, to be honest.

Back at base and I had another work seminar - the final one following some pretty major company changes.

The phrase 'brilliant jerk' was referenced.

And then Monday evening was spent editing school content, with a half an eye on Anna's Blue Nose Toffee boys.

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