The new week got off to a great start with First Utility, and then finished on something of a f-up with First Utility.


So yeah - after almost a year of being billed incorrectly, and a number of threatening letters and phone calls saying that I owed money, the rather rubbish supplier finally admitted that it owes me money.


Let's celebrate. Let's put the heating back on.

But instead Anna and I braved the estuary wilds weather with a work at home day in silence, and in the cold.

We are FUN at parties, honest.

I managed to make a brief trip to the vets at luncheon.

The mad cat kept me awake all night with her scratching.

Having ignored Anna's analysis that she has fleas (mad cat, not Anna), I caved in and went to buy the magic flea pill.

This worked wonders a year ago. We mashed it up with some cheapo ham, and the fleas fell from the mad cat within minutes.

And so I handed over another £6 for a pill on Monday, in a scene that reminded me of my long lost Friday nights.

Some cheapo ham followed, with the pill being mashed up inside.

The mad cat blanked it all day.

Cheers, luv.

And then back to First Utility.


"Hello Sir, we see that you are supplied by us, would you like to extend your contract?"


I was actually rather polite.

It didn't put me in the best of moods for an evening Wivenhoe Forum meet up down the boozer.

But I think that we just about got there.

Chin chin.

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