Strawberries for breakfast on Sunday.


Anna went a little bonkers in Sunny Colch on Saturday. She bought two bloody great big punnets.

Fine for the summer time, but we have rapidly run out of winter strawberry options. Immersing them in hot porridge is just about palatable.

I then did the Sunday bloke thing: a trip to B & Q.

Oh Lordy.

I have a love / hate relationship with that place. I look forward to visits in mid-life, in the same way that I use to anticipate a trip to a local record shop back in my youth.

But woh. So much choice. I find it overwhelming.

All that I really needed was some sandpaper and a lightbulb.

B & Q has an entire hangar aisle for lightbulbs alone.

I bluffed, and somehow got away with it.

And then a swim, which soon became another Sunday arseing about in the spa session.

I managed to make it back to base along the trail, just ahead of the estuary wilds dusk.

Sunday evening was spent on online admin and various bits of writing that I had to catch up with.

Plus I made the momentous decision to ditch my endless monthly back ups of files.

It just takes too chuffing long.

Yeah, yeah - I know. Two types of people in this world: those that back up, and those that lose date.

But my host is remarkably robust and does a weekly back up across all my projects anyway.

Oh - I'm back on the first Athlete album again btw.

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