It wasn't quite the gentle easing into the weekend that I wanted.

All of the woes were First World Problems, but they disrupted my weekend rhythm, all the same.

It didn't get off to a great start with an urgent email to change some school policies.

Pay to play etc, and Job really is a Good 'un.

And then an email reminder to pay some hosting bills.

It should have been straight forward.

I have a pot of money in paypal account A to cover this. This needs to be transferred to my own personal bank account, and then we get the hosting show back on the online road.

But I buggered up by transferring the paypal money to a different, non-existent paypal account.

A bit of online arseing about, and soon the money was where it should be.

Can we go out yet?

The Postman Delivers... a failed attempt to renew my passport.


It turns out that I printed the application on the wrong size of paper.

I calmed down with a cup of strong tea, and a playback of the second part of Tizon's ACE Andy the Barber podcast.

The conversation captures perfectly that very specific locality of Landor Road, and how it has changed over the years.

This will be online social history GOLD in years to come.

Anna and I finally managed to leave the house just before luncheon.

First stop was the pool for a light swim.

We swam in separate lanes, but Anna had the beating of me.

She tried to pretend that this wasn't the case. Bless.

We cycled off into Sunny Colch, which was pretty miserable to be honest.

Plenty was happening around the town, but the weather was just bleurghhh.

We paid a brief visit to the Secret Vintage Fair at firstsite. It got a little lively with burlesque in the afternoon in front of a Roman mosaic.

My plan was to do the photography thing, but I discreetly put the camera away.

A brief visit to the Winter Fair at the Minories next door, and then a look around Winter Wonderland in Castle Park.

Anna declared that she had some girly shopping to do. I realised that I wasn't welcome.

Somehow I found myself up at Aldi, stocking up on very cheapo booze.

We caught the train back, ahead of a long evening of work shifts for me.

Pay to play, once again.

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