A very high tide to start off Friday.

I cycled off along the Trail, greeted by the high water almost bursting the sea wall.

It was high water in the pool as well.

Plus just me.

A whole pool to myself. Absolute selfish swimming bliss.

It's a shame I didn't have sufficient energy to do the space justice.

Work, work, work.

Along with Anna and the mad cat.

Full house!

One of the ladies in the house was sick. I ended up having to clear it up.

Funky Friday with @RobertElms was ACE. Love Wars has always been a bit of a foot shuffler for me.

More work.

A bit of T20 cricket, and then the late, late work shift.

Oh - I managed to send off my letter btw, the one that I can't quite talk about yet.

Happy weekend, Comrades...

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