Early Thursday morning was once again spent being trapped by the mad cat.

I set myself up for a morning of work, and then she came and sat on my lap.

This is most odd. It has happened twice in the past five years - yesterday and today.

I didn't want to spoil the moment, but I did want to do some work.

I managed to get through an hour or so of one hand typing.

It turns out that I am rather good at this - and not for the wrong reasons, either.

A game of bluff then followed with the mad cat. Who would blink first?

After just over an hour of lap sitting, she became bored and buggered off.

Work whizzed by with an ACE soundtrack for the day.

@RobertElms played Jimmy Mack. As ever, I danced around the living room as though it was 1982 and I was back at Keyworth Youth Club.


And then a new Great Big Kiss podcast dropped.


I finished off the working day with a bit of Jerry Lee.

Good golly, Miss Molly indeed.

It was a busy evening on the writing front - various Brixton Buzz pieces, plus a submission for something that is needed by tomorrow that I can't really talk about. Yet.

And then half an eye on the Liverpool match, in-between getting myself familiar with some Essex pale ales.

Chin chin.

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