Another morning work webinar to talk through the recent company changes.

Except I was trapped and almost missed the start.

I took up my position in my morning chair (there's not really an afternoon chair to be honest.)

The mad cat most unexpectedly came to join me.

Oh. Hello, luv.

The mad cat is most definitely not a lap cat. I had no idea why she decided to position herself where my MacBook should have been.

I tolerated her company for ten minutes or so.

But then the webinar was about to start.


There's a dear.

The webinar went fine. You know that you are working under a rapidly shifting situation when "traditional social media" is referred to in the past tense.

I worked on for most of the morning, and then took a break for PMQ's.

The mad cat was sick in front of the TV as soon as the PM took to his feet.

She's learning fast.

More work, more solitude in the house on my own.

And then a surprise job opportunity came my way later afternoon.

Gosh. I wasn't expecting that.

I headed off into Sunny Colch early evening for the CBC November Cabinet meeting.

Sir Bob of Sunny Colch was sitting in the public gallery.

Which was nice.

A fairly uneventful meeting, apart from the now usual political spat when it comes to Mayor Making.

I spent the remainder of Wednesday bashing out the blog post for the meeting, then catching the second half of the Man Utd match.

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