Some early morning Brixton Buzz action, followed by the monthly f-up from first utility in failing to bill me for an account that was shut down at the start of the summer.

Oh dear.

The online team is being half-decent in keeping me informed; I just want shot of the company - plus a refund on what I am owed.

The rest of the working morning was carried out in solitude.

The mad cat slept throughout on her blanket now positioned on the desk from the Raj / Colchester.

Anna reckons she has fleas. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and putting it down as dandruff.

Poor dear.

Luncheon brought more details of the current work changes.

Mmm - that wasn't an easy email to read.

The only escape to the Great Out Doors all day was a trip to the library to buy some food re-cycling bags - TWO bundles as well.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll etc.

Mad Hour with the mad cat kicked in a little earlier than usual. Rather annoyingly it was right in the middle of a fiddly work task.

I got my head down and led the mad cat enjoy Mad Hour all on her own.

I made a catch up with the Downtown Soulville podcasts at WFMU, something that I have neglected over the cricketing months.

Gosh, they are bloody brilliant.

And then whaddya know: football and BOOZE.

On a school day as well.

But it was Lidl cheapo pale ale.

And so that makes it alright then.

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