A winding down Sunday after a pretty manic week of work and play.


Well, I did a bit of sweeping up and general tidying around the garden.

I couldn't feel my fingers after an hour or so. I disappeared for a swim.

This was never going to be an Olympian effort. It was more about arseing about in the spa and steam room.

I ticked off 30 lengths, and then spent over an hour warming up in the spa.

I still couldn't feel my fingers. They had been transformed into shrivelled prunes.

My timing was pretty poor. I had to cycle back in the dark.

I did ponder the unlit Trail, but really couldn't be bothered.

Sunday evening was a slow one as well.

A bit of school work for SE17 and SW9, and then to bed early.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll etc.

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