A 7am work shift, and then a mad dash for the train for a few days away in Transpontonia.

I was alive and kicking as we ROARED through the Essex commuter belt. Sadly Mr Snory sitting next to me was out for the count.

And then a cycle along the Walworth Road and a day at the ever ACE SE17.

One minute I was singing along with Stick Man, and then the next I was the Jelly Man during a Y5 Southwark Splash rehearsal.

I quite liked my style to be honest.

I delayed my SE17 departure, waiting for the bloody rain to stop.

It never really happened.

I am such a Brompton ponce. Rather than cycle through the South London puddles, I walked with the Brompton back to not so Sunny Stockwell.

Londonist published my Lambeth Council housing piece late afternoon. I'm quite pleased with it.

Good timing as well, Comrades. More of that to come...

The rest of the evening was spent editing school content and being reminded how brilliant Blue Rondo A La Turk were.

Thoughts with all for @boriswatch tomorrow :disappointed:

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