Same day, same shit.

But I actually quite enjoy the 7am work shifts.

I then had a brief gap for a lovely lido swim.

We've not quite hit the testicle testing temperature of 10 degrees or lower - but BOLLOCKS; we're not far off.

The official reading was 11.7 degrees for Friday morning.

It was actually fine.

I abandoned my dry diving technique during the early days of autumn. No particular reason, apart from goggles becoming dislodged with the impact of the water.

Instead I gracefully slip into the water of Lake Brockwell (but not quite with the GLORIOUS faff put in place by @oneeyegrey...)

I had time for ten lengths of Brockwell blue.

I bloody loved it.

A quick cycle back to Stockwell, and straight into the SW9 school assembly. The Year 9 students pulled off a Paris assembly to perfection.

I spent most of the day testing out my iPhone to the max with as much video as I could shoot.

16gigs is not great, to be honest.

Come school chucking out time and I cycled off to the Clap'ham Road chemist where I had a set of passport pictures taken ten years ago.

On the agenda for today was... a set of passport photos.

The old fella still provides the service.

I made some joke about him possibly remembering a handsome face.

He told me not to smile.

No rock 'n' roll fun for Friday evening. Just school work. But that's the way that I like it.

Still can't stop playing the first Athlete album btw.

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