Work of late has involved some involvement with a Stars Wars campaign for a client.

I have... resisted so far.

But not on Monday morning.

Oh the glamour of booking tickets on Monday morning for a 10am screening in Colchester over the Christmas period with Anna.

I've told her that we are watching a weepy Christmas tear jerker.

Late Junction eased me gently into the start of the working day.

But then I was in need of some foot shufflin'.


The Great Big Kiss new podcast got me in the mood for the rest of the working day.


Keep the Faith, etc.

And then WHAT A SHOW from @RobertElms. He opened with the timely What's so Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding. Roy Hudd was then the Listed Londoner.

ACE-ed it, etc.

Anna and I were both restless post luncheon. It was a working from home day for us both. We saw a chink in the estuary wilds light. We legged it outside for a brief walk.

It was down to the Quay, then up past the old Arts Club, and cutting through the estate.

I did the photo thing, just as the estuary wilds sun slipped off the radar.

It was all done and dusted in 45 minutes flat.

Work, work and work followed.

Plus I finally got to hear the Max Miller BBC banning bloke.

Blocking her passage indeed.

Ha, bloody ha.

I had some tricky school content to try and publish very late in the day. Basically it was EVERY piece of homework set by EVERY teacher for EVERY class in the school for the entire term.


It was bloody fiddly.

I started on finding the most complex solution.


I have learnt from previous mistakes that you need to offer something manageable.

This option would have worked fine for some, but not for me. I don't want to be wasting an entire week uploading homework every term, when in reality, no one is going to be accessing it.

I put in place a short cut instead.

Dropbox is your very good friend.


We both finally managed to down tools to catch the second half of the Ireland match.

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