A blowy bicycle ride along the Trail to start off Sunday morning. The tide was incoming, but the wind was most certainly heading in the opposite direction.

At the other end of the Trail I was greeted by an empty pool, apart from the lovely next door neighbour on the other side of the lane rope.

It could have been awkward, but of course it wasn't. We both put the lengths in, exchanged a few words, and then she managed to beat me back to base - in the car, of course.

I had some Sunday work shifts, which pretty much ate into the day. No time to start - let alone finish - anything significant.

Sorry windows - you can be cleaned another day.

I caught the final 15 minutes of the Portsmouth Vs AFC Wimbledon match.

Gosh. That looked a bloody drag.

I rediscovered Athlete's Vehicles and Animals album late in the day. I bloody loved that record back in the day. It was pleasing to hear that it hadn't aged much over the past decade or so.

I'm not quite ready for the Shed 7 revival just yet.

I had some school work to catch on from last week. My midweek morning spent with my head down the toilet on Thursday set me back.

And then Sunday evening was all about the DARTS.

ACE, etc.

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