The morning after the Night Nurse before.

Friday was always going to be a little groggy.

I didn't quite make the start of play in the cricket, but I did make the first work shift of the day.

Night Nurse and me have a healthy / unhealthy relationship.

It is the only upside of feeling a little green around the grills.

One sip of the magical green liquid and I am out for the count.

That count usually lasts for twelve hours plus.

I managed to pull myself around for a full on working day.

We gave the mad cat a choice: the desk from the Raj / Colchester with Anna, or sitting with me on the settee.

She wisely chose the Raj / Colchester.

It was one of those days where I just chased everything. I was about an hour behind on most things.

The working day ended, and then I... caught up with a couple of lovely, lovely old work colleagues.

It was charming.

We started watching the England football early evening.

I got bored and watched the Clough / Revie spat on youtube instead.

Oh - and a BOOZE free day as well.

My stomach is not for turning tonight,

Chin chin.

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