Not ill as oh woe me, but ill as in head down the u-bend at 7am, and emptying anything that remained in my stomach.

I didn't really booze it last night, honest.

I think that I've picked something up in one of the schools earlier in the week.

It all meant that apart from work, Thursday was an absolute write off.

Thankfully it was a working from home day. I did manage to get dressed after the 7am chunder session, but it wasn't pretty.

And then mid-morning we had a [very important] work webinar.

Oh dear.

I logged into Hang Outs, then had a huge sigh when I realised that my own web cam didn't need to be activated.

Anna was having something similar in the room next door.

As ever, my work briefing seemed far more fun.

Work carried me through all the way until 9pm.

The only solid to pass through my mouth was a smoothie.

Let's hope it doesn't reverse the route over night.

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