Passing ships, passing trains with Anna.

It was Wifey's turn to head off to Transpontonia early, early on Tuesday morning.

Lucky girl.

Don't forget that Di Lieto olive bread, and the LIDL BOOZE.

I had to be content with a swim in the dark.

I've absolutely no idea why, but the lights weren't on at the pool first thing.

My body wasn't really at home either.

Only time for 20 lengths, before a run of work shifts all day at home.

Some of the major work changes are starting to fall into shape.

Interesting times ahead, etc...

I managed a brief bit of gardening in-between shifts, and then some errands around the village.

Top of the list was booking Christmas Day dinner in the boozer.

Job's a good 'un etc.

I had a little more Brixton Buzz business early evening, and then as ever, DARTS, BOOZE.

Chin chin.

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