Ring, ring 7am - isn't that what Uncle Joe once sung about?

Wave b-b-bye bye to the boss etc.

Um, nope.

Try ring, ring 6am for a Monday morning work shift.

It wasn't the most busy to be honest.

I buggered off to the lovely lido at 7:30am to purify myself in the waters of Lake Brockwell.

A brief photoshoot with @mutley69, a naked catch up with @oneeyedgrey, and then I put the lengths in.

There was only time for ten on Monday morning. But each stroke was reached with plenty of love for this place.


The water temperature refuses to dip below 13 degrees. It still gives you a polite slap around the face when you dive in, and leaves you chilled even after a hot shower.

But it is BLISS.

I made the incredibly short bicycle ride up to SE21 for another school day.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

I departed seven hours later with a permanent grin.

A mad dash through Brixton, and then briefly back to Sunny Stockwell.

I had BOOZE to pick up.

To take back over there.

Oh dear.

Chin chin.

Oh yeah - and DARTS to end Monday, as I downed the Transpontine BOOZE over there.

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