Good morning Sunday, good morning a 7am work shift.


As expected, the modern interweb was still sleeping, and so it was all relatively tickety boo.

I downed tools at bang on 8:30am, and the slipped off for a lovely lido swim.

These have been all too brief of late. I arrive, swim, then bugger off.

I had a little more spare time to spend down at the chilled waters of Lake Brockwell on Sunday morning. Sadly it seemed that most of the Icicles had already been and gone.

Sunday was all about the swim though. Twenty lengths of Brockwell Blue, and a lane all to myself as well.

I had the first mild chill of the season whilst showering. 13 degrees remains the perfect temperature for an outdoor swim though.

A quick cycle back to Sunday Stockwell, and then a spot of gardening.

The South London Indian summer has meant that we still have various 'things' that are still flowering.

I de-headed the Essex lavender garden that made the correct journey back down South. I may - or may not - have disturbed some of the bulbs that Anna spent all weekend planting.


A day of leisure meant that I then had some time for some photography.

@RobertElms has been banging on of late about the wonders of the great lost Clare Market.

I cycled up Kingsway, cut through Turnstile Great Turnstile, and then... looked across at a bleak Lincoln Inn Fields.

The fabled market of old was a little north of here. I wandered around some back streets, pointing my camera at anything that I took a fancy to.

Mr Elms swears by the psychogeographic draw for this part of town.

I just got a little lost and ended up back on Chancery Lane.


No worries. I kept on wandering.

I took the familiar old ITN working route of up Grays Inn Road, and then cutting through the edges of Clerkenwell and then through Leather Lane.

It was pretty grim for a deserted Sunday afternoon.

I miraculously ended up back at Lincoln Inn Fields where the bicycle was locked up.

And then the cry went out of:

To Brixton Rec!

I crossed at Waterloo, and then back through Sunny Stockwell en route to the Rec.

I made it just in time to see the Topcats tip off at the Ruffhouse.

There was quite a crowd to see the boys - and girls, with the Lady Topcats playing in the WBBL in the earlier game.

It ended up quite a classic with the home team just running out of time and points.

Sunday evening was spent catching up with bloody housework in the flat, a bit of Brixton Buzz action and the seemingly endless conveyor belt of school content to edit and publish.

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