A rainy start to Saturday morning meant a run rather than a swim. Don't worry - there's logic in my decision to get wet by not getting wet.

Rain and cycling to the lovely lido just don't go for me.

Bye bye Brockwell Lido, hellooo Clap'ham Common.

I set off at an incredibly slow pace, just wanting a light work out.

The final time was half-decent. Truth be told and I was in need of irrigation for the three cups of tea that I foolishly fuelled up on.

The plan was then to walk up to Brixton, then back to Stockwell with the Lambeth Libraries demo.

But bugger to that, Comrades.

Not in the South London rain, anyway.

Instead I wimped out and made the short walk down South Lambeth Road to the Tate South, the end destination for the protestors.

I was about 15 minutes ahead of the ETA.

I had a lovely, lovely insightful chat with some of the event organisers who were part of the advance party.

Well I never - I didn't know that, Madam...

And then the protestors arrived.

It was lively, respectful but bloody angry over the shoddy Cultural Consultation.

Cllr Edbrooke remained inside the library, 'holding her surgery.'

The police and protestors were out in the pissing rain.

To be fair to Jane she was talking with anyone who went inside. She just didn't want to face the crowd.

I think we both found it equally awkward with a brief photo snap for Brixton Buzz.

But ta, appreciated.

I published the protest piece for Buzz, and then walked off towards The Oval in search of the mystical 185 bus.

To Transpontine del Curva! ...etc.

There was a HUGE crowd down at the Dulwich.

We all got very wet once again.

And then an evening of yet more endless school publishing, and watching the Sunny Stockwell fireworks from the back window.

Oh, and Jesus and Mary Chain.

Which always helps.

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