Another 6am work shift start.


It was by choice and will pay for a round of drinks later.

And so all is fine.

Plus I made the mistake of changing the autumn duvet to the winter duvet in the flat.

First World Woes etc, but I woke up far too early in anything but a cold sweat. I'll sleep in my birthday suit for Friday.

Dontcha just LOVE the level of detail I am giving you here?

I also woke to find that the two simple school videos that I set off uploading before I went to bed had finally touched down.


A cheap as chips broadband deal for the flat is proving to be something of a false economy.

A bit of Brixton Buzz action, and then I buggered off to the lovely lido.

I was a little unsure of what to expect. This was my first Lake Brockwell dip since the winter season started in November.

I definitely haven't paid for a new winter season, but the very nice guy on reception is convinced that I have.

My card worked and so I strolled through for a 12 degrees freshen up.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I seemed to float down on a current towards the old Whippersnappers end, yet struggled swimming back up in the direction of toker's corner.

Random autumnal leaves had to be navigated as I put the lengths in.

There is really no where else in the entire world where I would rather be.

Except for possibly SW9.

A school day in Sunny Stockwell lay ahead.

A highly visual Guy Fawkes assembly was a lively start to the day. I then found myself carrying out my metal detector fantasies during a drama session.\

I was asked to sign a Lambeth Council Register of Interest late in the day.


I had to walk back into Brixton at school chucking out time. My bloody bank card is b0rked.

Withdrawing cash over the counter via a cheque use to be a simple affair.

Not any more.

I spent the best part of half an hour in the Brixton branch trying to get BOOZE money for the weekend.

And then a walk back down Stockwell Road and an evening of more work shifts and school site editing.

I daren't check on the Forest score until FT.


But still GET WARNOCK etc.

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