A school day in SE17 with cufflinks by mistake.


The fresh shirt that I picked out early on Thursday morning wasn't the one that I intended.

But time was tight, and so were the bloody cufflinks. I rather like the GEEZER element to them, to be honest.

I confess to some slight transport confusion and well.

How the hell did I manage to mix up the 344 and the 35?

They both end up at Clap'ham (I think?)

But I ended up crossing at Southwark Bridge and being dumped at The Elephant.

Not for the first time, either.

As ever, the school day in SE17 just went WOH.

I finally managed to finish the photos of all staff. It's only taken me half a term to get around the entire school.

The Year 5 rehearsals for Southwark Splash were pretty special; I had a lovely time making some Year 1 firework models as well.

Oh - and it's never too early in the school term to start rehearsing Christmas Carols, Comrades.

The bruising Transpontine skies meant that I was Brompton-less for the day.

I walked back to not so Sunny Stockwell, via The Oval.

Thursday evening was spent editing school content, and then some work shifts elsewhere to finish off the evening.

It's a Lovely Lido day tomorrow :blush:

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