A return to the childhood pool once again on Friday morning. Make the most of these visits whilst the situation allows.

But for Friday morning this meant more bloody village changing rooms, plus the added bonus of Radio Bollocks blasting out as I put the lengths in.

No such thing as a bad swim etc, but the Keyworth Duck Pond did push me slightly.

Fifty lengths, and then back to the family home for a morning and afternoon of work shifts.

I did ponder haircut at the local village barber at lunchoen. Last time she managed to mess up even a No.1 all over.

I cut my losses, so to speak.

A working day followed. It was actually rather rewarding.

I headed out to West Bridgford late afternoon for some BOOZE and a catch up with an old friend.

The real pub in the middle of nowhere was bloody ACE.

I confess to actually getting a little lost walking around the backstreets of the City Ground.

Oh dear.

And then it was back to what remains of the family home, the second half of the QPR game, then more BOOZE plus darts.

My fargo publishing tool has thrown a wobbler btw.

Immediate updates may be sporadic.

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