The morning after a BIG ride can go one one of two ways:

Stiffness or Superman.

What a combination both would be.

But for me on Monday morning I was my own Superman.

A brisk short ride to the pool, 40 power lengths, and then back at base for the morning shifts.

Anna was around as well, doing her best to keep the wheels of industry turning, all from the lofty position of the Desk from the Raj / Colchester.

I fear that our work skills are shifting ever closer together towards the same goal.

Oh dear.

Luncheon was taking watching England almost hanging on for a fantastic Test saving innings, plus cleaning up the Tourer bike from yesterday.

The work kept on coming.

The fading of the sun brought the bloody starlings.

At least I think it was them?

Chatter, chatter, chatter.

Oh do piss off.

And then Anna joined in the racket with a work conference call.

Come back starlings, all is forgiven etc.

I listened to Match Talk on BBC Nottingham early evening.

Oh dear. I hadn't realised what a rut the Reds are currently in.

I then caught the full draw for the first round of the FA Cup.

It was a good effort from the home Salford fans who were hosting the BBC live broadcast. Heckling ahoy!

We then watched Inside Out on Brixton gentrification.

It was half-decent (although why no comment from Lambeth Council on the hyper-gentrification and social cleansing that it is pushing through in the area?)

And then finally more track cycling with the Revolution Series to end the evening.


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