Sunday was All About the Bike.

And that's about it.

I rolled out early morning with the Colchester CTC Club.

I was suitably riding the Tourer.

I had planned to detail every twist and turn along the 87km route, and then report back with some flowing prose to match the momentum of the turning wheels around the autumnal Essex lanes.

But balls to that.

I cycle to escape, not to become a third rate poet.

But it was rather lovely.

I have absolutely no idea where we were going or where we went.

Morning tea was taken in roadside cafe that had a shop bolted on selling the tat you usually see on sale in Sunday supplement small prints. It stank of fake perfume.

It all got a little muddy in the run in towards luncheon. I wasn't very happy in messing up my Tourer.

The food refill was in a Hadleigh boozer. My bacon baguette did the job to see me through for the roll in back to base.

I stopped off at the pool on the way back - not for swim, but to get cleaned up.

I fell asleep in the sauna.


The ride home was under the cover of darkness.

I had my lights with me, but allowed the full moon to guide me along.

I now feel especially tired, and a little grumpy.

But a good day.


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