An incredibly early start as Anna and I made a rare trip together to Transpontonia.

The main purpose was to transport a huge London cycling map that has been framed. It's bloody lovely.

Also bloody lovely is my new Dennis the Menace jumper. It's proving to be quite a talking point. Everyone has an 'opinion' on it.

I confess that we looked like a couple of low level art thieves as we emerged out of the 7am shadows, shifting the bloody huge frame around the estuary wilds lanes whilst I was wearing my stripped top.

Waiting for me in Sunny Stockwell was my Labour membership card.

Which was nice.

I'm looking forward to joining up with my Vauxhall CLP Comrades to help deliver democratic socialism to the masses.

I disappeared off to the lovely lido, leaving Anna to do a bit of garden digging.

I was expecting to have to sign up for the next five months for a new winter swimming membership.

It appears that I have an all year round membership. I'm not entirely convinced, but I didn't hang around to argue the cause.

The swim was a South London classic. Twenty lengths of the lido, with a lane all to myself.

The water is down to 13 degrees - pretty much perfect.

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell at some pace to try and warm up again.

I joined Anna in the front garden for a bit of bulb planting. Gawd knows what we've bought, but we blagged an online offer for a box of bulbs for a grubby fiver.

A brief bit of Lidl luncheon, and then we walked up South Lambeth Road, and then through the backstreets of Vauxhall en route to the Newport Street Gallery.

I thought that I had been following closely all the changes around Vauxhall. You miss a week though and WOH - where the chuffers did that building come from? It really is quite incredible.

We were both blown away by the Newport Street Gallery. It is a stunning space.

I confess to appreciating the architecture and the potential more than the current exhibition.

And then we departed.

Anna disappeared to do some decorating back at the flat; I buggered off up to north London for the Anarchist Book Fair - purely for research purposes, Comrades. Phew. Glad that this one has been cleared up.

It was HUGE!

I particularly liked the Gender Neutral Toilets.

I had some lovely chats with various folk selling a whole spectrum of anarchic literature and pamphlets. I'll probably buy the Anarcho punk book at some stage.

I wandered down from King's Cross and through to Bloomsbury. This is a part of town that is unfamiliar to me.

The Foundling Museum was within my sights.

There was free entry today as part of the Bloomsbury Festival. It is one of the few London museums that I haven't visited as part of a blag with various school trips.

I didn't have long, but it was incredibly moving.

There was also an afternoon Handel piano recital taking place which was quite charming.

I weaved through a few Bloomsbury back streets, and I was soon back along the Gray's Inn Road.

It was weird walking back up to KX - a route that I use to do at midnight for two years running whilst working the ITN night shifts.

Not a great deal has changed along Grays Inn Road, but KX is gentrifying at a pace that would put Brixton to shame.

I met up with Anna once again. We enjoyed a couple of freebie coffees as part of her poncey bank account deal (that we don't really talk about...)

And then back at base and it was all about the BOOZE and the boxing.

Chin chin.

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