Bloody Bell end was missed whilst I was having a shower after the swim early on Friday morning.

My phone BUZZES whenever Bell end takes place anywhere around the world. I've no idea where or when this all started. We shall miss Ian Bell when the old cricketer leaves the crease.

But yeah - it was rather amusing to hear my phone buzzing whilst towelling down the short and curlies.


And then Friday was all about work and worrying about the mad cat.

One of these worried me more than the other...

Work was alright. But the main agenda item for Friday was taking the mad cat to the vet for her annual jabs.

There is no easy way around this. It is the WORST day of the year.

The poor luv knows that something is up as soon as Anna and I pamper her more than usual.

The clock was counting down, and we were all getting a little nervy.

Anna did the business in catching in her in the cat carrier. My job was to carry her all the way up to the vets for the dirty deed.

It's quite a sight: I talk out loud to her, sometimes singing along as well. Anything to calm her nerves.

The poor thing pee-ed herself before we even left the front door.

Inside the vets was a bit bonkers. Taking a petrified little rescued cat into a waiting room full of dogs is not ideal.

Eventually our time came. She was weighed, jabbed and had her heart rate taken. I could see it pounding as I tried not to watch.

Hey hoe. That's it for another year.


Anna and I celebrated by buggering off on a mini-pub crawl.

7.3% - WOH.

We tried to book Christmas Day dinner in the local boozer. But it was already booked up - before Bonfire Night as well.


We paused to pick up some pre-booked train tickets at the station.

This was most odd.

Anna used her debit card, but the machine spat out a ticket for a completely different journey on the other side of the country.

I've told her to eBay it.

Back at base and we finished off Friday with BOOZE, and the Six Days of London, a meet that I have absolutely LOVED all week.


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