A 6am playful bite from the mad cat to kick off Thursday morning.

Cheers, dear.

No worries. I'll get her back tomorrow with the annual trip to the vet...

In Better Breakfast News: it was another Test match Thursday.


Eating Bran Flakes whilst watching the England bowling attack is a very dignified way to start any working day.

I bashed out the Chronic blog post from the night before.

Long gone are the days when I use to keep notes at localgov meets. All you need to do is to tweet your arse off inside the meeting, and then refer back to these for the narrative.

I was contacted by First Utility once again mid-morning. It is proving very difficult to leave the bloody company.

I had a break in the working day around luncheon. I legged it outside for cheeky swim.

Time was tight, and so I decided to take the MTB on short cut on the Trail.

I've not ridden this bike or route in almost six months now. Cobwebs had to be cleared off the MTB. The Trail itself was a carpet full of conkers.

I cycled rather slowly, which wasn't quite the aim.

Dolphin Girl was doing her thing in the pool. I felt very inadequate as she lapped me after only ten lengths.

I cut my losses after a poor thirty.

More work, and then a trip to the post office to collect a parcel.

It's only the latest f717 camera - hurrah!

I know it's a retrograde step in keep on buying up the same model that I first bought back in 2003.

But I bloody love the f717. It does all that I want from a camera, both for work and play.

My current model is working fine. But I couldn't resist the eBay bargain of £21 for another model, y'know - just in case...

Back on the working soundtrack front and Cover to Cover with @RobertElms was You Keep Me Hanging On - Lady Di Vs bloody Vanilla Fudge and their WEIRD art rock noodling.

Vanilla Fudge won.

I suspect a fix.

More work.

Some silly housework.

And then the London Six and BOOZE to finish off Thursday.


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