After the stunning estuary wilds sunshine of Tuesday, today was all about staying indoors and avoiding the grim drizzle.

Working from home is made for days such as Wet Wednesday.

I tried to find some musical inspiration to brighten up the hours.

I was probably looking in the wrong place with Dave Rawlings' subdued Nashville Obsolete.

Morgan Heritage meanwhile livened things up with @RobertElms.

Work carried me through until early evening, and then I did a runner to Colchester for the CBC Full Council meeting.

I knew from the agenda that this would be a biggie.

But boy - did it drag...

It wasn't helped by the bloody temperature up in the public gallery. I just about rode it out, but my MacBook didn't.

The fan kicked into hyperdrive, draining down the battery and leaving me more or less b0rked.

I had the iPhone as a back up, but it wasn't ideal.

I hate leaving meetings early, but I wasn't going to hang around for the silly last train.

I cut my losses just after 10pm.

Later I read on Twitter that a pretty key Motion had been defeated.


I was too bloody tired to blog anything back at base.

I'll give it a crack first thing in the morning.


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