Another 5am start for Friday morning.

The No 2 bus along South Lambeth Road has become my morning alarm call of late.

No worries. I had school catching up from yesterday to finish anyway.

I cycled off to the lido on what was the first chilly willy morning of the season. I confess to wearing black rubber.

@mutley69 was doing some yoga nonsense of a headstand by the deep end.

It looked most odd, yet also most impressive.

Work has also finally started on the second set of decking replacement over by the old toker's corner.

I dread to think what lies beneath the layers of lido social history in what use to be the strictly adult's area.

The water was down to 13 degrees. The first length was a little lively. I soon got in the swing of the swim, and managed 12 lengths before having to leg it back to Sunny Stockwell for a school assembly.

Unknown to me it was Wear Your Own Clothes Day in SW9, with money being raised for the Brixton Food Bank.

As ever I looked a fraud with my shirt and tie.

Late afternoon and the school fire alarm went off.

Usually we get the heads up if this is a practise. Nothing was mentioned earlier in the day.

I confess to having the thought of making a dash to save the MacBook Air. This is not the type of example that should be set in a school...

And relax.

It was a false alarm, of sorts.

I made the short cycle back to the flat, and then spent pretty much all of Friday evening... editing and publishing school content.

The decks have been cleared.

The weekend fun can now begin.

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