Spats along the Walworth Road to start off Thursday morning.

Not spats as is mild disagreements, but spats as in the high end Dandy shoes that I have always wanted to wear, but never had the bottle to carry off.

Especially not down the Walworth Road early on a Thursday morning.

But my, my Sir: you looked bloody ACE.

My high spirits were soon taken down a level with the expected news that it wasn't good on the family front back in the Fair City.

My dear, dear Nan :disappointed:

I pushed on with the school work.

This meant using a PC for the first time in over five years as I tried to transfer some images over.


When did PC's become so crap?

In the end I had to get a helpful Year 4 young chap to show me how to use the bloody thing.

I went oblivious about my work for most of the morning, not realising that my brief visit to the Nursery led to a large splash of yellow paint on best-est jeans.


I missed Bell End in the cricket as well.

I walked back from SE17 through to SW8 at chucking out time.

There was some huge film shoot taking place on one of the estates. I chuckled as to how many people it takes to just film a short piece for the telly.

Work shifts followed in the flat.

I caught up with the @BBC5Live piece on Forest from the night before.

I can't wait to see the Miracles film now.

Happy, happy days.

A bit of Brixton Buzz action, and editing some school content brought Thursday to a close.

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