Early work shifts and a cricketing breakfast to start off Tuesday.

The UAE Test series takes place in the perfect time zone.

A 7:30am for the start of play means Bran Flakes as the first ball is bowled.

Bell end normally follows soon after.

I blagged another F717 camera mid-morning via eBay.

I reckon I must be in double figures now for the number of models that I have owned since 2005.

Sure, it's a false economy in buying them up, plus it doesn't do a great deal to help improve your photography 'skills.'

But for £21 it is an absolute bargain.

I simply LOVE these cameras. They are perfect for my school work with a quick fire start up to capture scenes on the fly.

The only downside is the sensor fault that Sony now refuses to fix.

My current model is still going strong, but for £21 it is good to have a back up.

It was then a day of deep, deep work shifts, only broken up by a video interview mid-afternoon.

As the longest serving member of staff [gosh] I was asked to record a short piece addressing changing company values and culture.

Put simply, everything and nothing has changed.

That's the way I like it.

I confess to putting on a cravat especially for the recording.

The make up brush remained in the bathroom cupboard though.

Work went all the way through until early evening.

And then just after 8pm I put the heating on.


Normally I resist for as late in the year as possible. It is Anna who insists that we have a great TURN ON.

But I was bloody cold.

I had a relaxing evening catching up with An Inspector Calls before it runs out on the iPlayer.

I studied this in my youth for 'O' Level drama (grade B, thank you very much.)

I was surprised as to how word perfect I was almost 30 years later.

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