That was Monday.

It went by just like that.

Sometimes these days are the best.

Not so WOOSH-ing was the morning run.

I just didn't fancy a swim soaked in chlorine pretty much all weekend.

My time for the traditional estuary wilds circuit was half-decent, but it felt like I was plodding.

And then a fairly intense work day followed.


I was working on various projects from home, plus publishing updates from all three schools.

I'm finding that lovely teaching staff are now starting to send through more photos or videos that they have shot.

This is ACE etc.

Although I do worry that it might put me out of a job.

I had a spare hour mid-afternoon. I read through the kangaroo court paper that CBC is about to put one of its Cllr's through.

Absolutely BONKERS.

And politically motivated as well.

Never trust a shifty LibDem, as I told Anna around the evening dinner table as she opened up yet another email from Paddy Pantsdown, or whoever.

Monday evening was spent de-WOOSHing by watching bits of the football and much more of the darts.

Got a WOOSH day tomorrow as well.

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