Fifty lengths in the pool to start off Saturday morning.

That felt bloody good. Booze free from the night before as well.

Back at base and I gave the garden the first serious fork of the season.


The turf still felt firm.

What follows next is the grass thinning faster than my hair.

FORK IT, etc.

I picked up some work shifts to see me through Saturday morning.

Pay to play, as ever.

It was fairly easy going, with the mad cat as company.

I had a momentary inspiration to start the housework after luncheon.

The enthusiasm didn't last.

I buggered off to Broad Lane just before 3pm for the football.

I think that this was the first time that I have seen Wivenhoe Town actually win.

So what if the Dragons had to drop down a division to achieve this?

The first half was poor.

As ever - watching crap football is ACE.

The second half was far more exciting. Wivenhoe had plenty of flair down both sides and attacked throughout the 45 minutes.

I became so over-excited that I forgot to booze.

The enthusiasm saw me complete the housework back at base come full time.

And then an evening of DARTS and BOOZE brought Saturday to a close.

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