I cycled off to the pool first thing on Friday morning caught in No Man's Lycra Land.

I was neither short or long, but the silly plus four lycra extensions.

I felt equally silly and chilled.

This was a morning for the full on lycra look.

Still, it was a strong ride, followed by a strong swim. Pasta and Bran Flakes are the new Special Brew, Comrades.

West Ham Wanker was feeling a little tasty himself in the changing rooms. He started to give me some boxing training tips, oblivious to the fact that I don't box, or even support West Ham.

He then started to sing Sex Bomb to me in the showers.

I made my excuses and left.

A quick haircut - No.1 all over.

No delicate comments about 'hiding your problem, Sir.'


Back at base and I was banished yet again upstairs into the office. Anna blagged the desk from the Raj / Colchester.

The mad cat set up her stall for the day on my body warmer.

And then work.

A rather pleasant mail dropped mid morning: "You are the longest serving member of staff. We would like to capture your social history of the company."

Laugh / cry etc.

Actually it's been a definite case of laughing of late.

@RobertElms had a 1970 four-fer.

I'm rather proud that I first made my first appearance in the world when Whilst My Guitar Gently Weeps was in the charts.

Mr BT phoned later in the afternoon.

Haggling works.

But I do feel rather awkward in doing this.

A mad burst of late afternoon gardening followed before sunset.

It was a sad moment as the garden table was stored away for yet another season. Age is starting to show around the edges for us all.

I listened to Mickypedia for the first time whilst doing all the sweeping and raking. Coming out of the South London Hardcore stable, It's no surprise to hear that it's another fine effort.

Anna and I caught up with various Novara Media content from the past week over an evening meal.

The quality and quantity that is being produced in house is quite special. I put £10 in the online kitty to help support the project.

A bit of darts, and then I had more work shifts through until bedtime.

ROCK 'N' ROLL Friday night.

Good night.

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