A GLORIOUS estuary wilds day - where I was stuck indoors.


It started with the mad cat coming to sleep on me.

How charming.

Except I remembered my last thought before I went to sleep the night before was to change a headline on a pre-scheduled Brixton Buzz piece, as the original just read as bollocks.

The mad cat was purring.

The clock was ticking.

The auto-scheduled post and corresponding tweet were about to kick in.

Sorry luv.

You're off.

And that was kinda the routine for the remainder of the day: just about staying in control of things.

But only just.

Work projects bounced from one to the other.

I had a slight distraction when @RobertElms had a review of The Programme, the new film about the Lance Armstrong lie.

Sounds bloody ACE.

I had a break in the work schedule late in the day.

That estuary wilds sun was calling.

I went out walking with the camera and the headphones, with no other plan than to listen to some tunes and snap away where the mood took me.

Boat Man Neil was enjoying a pint outside the Quay. We had a pleasant catch up.

Back at base and a returning Anna from South London brought an end to Thursday.

The girl did well with some Transpontine olive bread.

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