The most memorable thing from the morning swim on Tuesday was being cut up on the bicycle ride in by a man cutting grass.

His grass cutting contraption had L plates on it as well.

Talk about being mowed down, etc.

The swim was short, yet functional.

Forty lengths.

See ya!

Work shifts followed for the rest of the morning.

Some of the tools we use have had a pretty major dashboard makeover. I was fumbling around in the online darkness.

And not for the first time.

Robert Elms was a mixed bag.

BBC London 94.9 has decided to go back to the future and re-brand simply as Radio London.

Which all meant that the music for Tuesday came from 1970, the year that I was born.

It had a definite suede head feel to it. I wish that I had been born 15 years earlier.

The afternoon was spent editing and publishing school content from SE21 yesterday.

My policy of just capture, then think about the consequences later, is starting to drag me down slightly.

I now run around and schools and try and video / record / photograph as much as I can see.

This is a fine way of working - if you have decent editing skills.

Which I don't.

Half a dozen videos, 12 pieces of audio, 50 odd images and 3,000+ words later and the school site was up to date.


I had some power pop late afternoon with London 0, Hull 4.

Fresh, as ever.

I note that the political message is back in vogue once again, Comrades.

More evening work shifts, and then a playback and editing of METROKNOBBERS.

Inside Croydon is bloody good.

I then made a big-ish decision late in the evening.

As ever, I'll sleep on it.

Nothing about work, personal shit etc. Just letting go of something that I should have done a long time ago.


That's better.

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