Work, a midday run, and then more work.

Guess which was the most exciting aspect of the day?

I'm not sure why my running shoes made a rare luncheon appearance.

Early work shifts ate into the swimming time.

Come luncheon and I needed an escape.

It was quite glorious out there.

I headed along the estuary, as far as Alresford, and then back in the opposite direction along the main road.

I passed at regular intervals many hunters and scavengers seeking out the sloes and blackberries of the estuary lanes.

Bad luck - Anna has already blagged all of them.

The working afternoon was spent in the company of Luke Haines on the headphones.

It's been a while.

WEIRD fucker.

But I like him, all the same.

Wednesday evening was spent trawling through the Brixton Buzz archives for the past month and writing the September round up.

I'm not claiming that we are breaking some Watergate style exclusives, but just capturing how Brixton is changing month by month is a feat in itself.

Having an archive to document the pace of gentrification isn't sobering reading, but hopefully it will add something to the historical record.

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By Jason A.Cobb, Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 4:25 PM. Good for the environment.