A His 'n' Hers working from home day. Anna blagged the desk from the Raj / Colchester, and I retired to the office.

Both of us were a little sore after a day spent in the saddle on Sunday.

Worming the mad cat was as exciting as it got for Monday.

I failed badly with the first attempt. She sensed my nervousness around her and did a runner.

My second attempt splattered her on the back of her neck whilst she was sleeping.


Not nice, but necessary.

The reaction was to be ignored for the remainder of the day by the mad cat. I pressed on with the work.

I did a runner myself at luncheon with a trip to the Post Office to pick up an unknown parcel that required some money to be paid on the postage.

It was a bloody pay cheque from one of my schools.


I caught up a little later in the day with my New Music list.

Except most of it is old music now.

I'm still undecided about Blur's Magic Whip.

I Broadcast is bugging me. Didn't a version of this appear on a solo Graham Coxon album?

The evening dinner conversation with Anna revolved around the shiftiness of LibDems.

We watched her Blue Nose Toffee Boys later in the evening.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

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