Another 7am work shift.

Hurrah for the 6am alarm call of a cat's bottom in your face.

Cheers, dear.

Which then meant that the later half of the morning was free.

I bashed out a few Buzz pieces, and then cycled off for the swim.

It was the last day of the cricket season, and probably the last day for fingerless gloves on the bicycle as well.


The pool was a bit bonkers.

It was Kajagoogoo Day.

Oh dear.

BOTH of the hits were on strict rotation poolside.

I have absolutely no idea...

Friday afternoon was spent working whilst biting my nails in anticipation of a Surrey championship winning innings.

Plus also fielding calls from EE asking why I am leaving them.

...something to do with a BONKERS £5.35 all in Sky deal.

There wasn't to be a happy ending on one front, but not the other.

C'mon the 'rrey!

I celebrated the Championship by seeing off the housework.

I has a bit of a mid 2000 Stockwell musical experience with Original Pirate Material and Run Come Save Me.

Both still sounded ACE.

BIG weekend of cycling coming up.


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