I played around with listicles first thing on Thursday morning once again.

Yeah. I know.

But someties the story (and the time) just lends itself to a simple c & p list.

I found it all too fiddly for first thing in the morning, and so resolved to doing what I know best: just blog the arse out of it.

Back in the real world and I was jumping back and forth between work projects. I rather like it that way.

Some very welcome work news dropped mid-morning. A project that was due to come to a close at the end of the month has now been extended to the end of the year.


Then the Postman Delivered... a green bomber jacket.


And so that's a harrington, an Italian army jacket and now a green bomber. I think that's the full quota in the continuing series of Buying up the Coats of my Youth.

Late Junction was a LOVELY working soundtrack, celebrating the Equinox with Robert Wyatt, Jon Coltrane and Solo Bass Steve.


I finally managed to write and publish the Somerleyton piece for BBuzz late in the day.

It took three days of reading planning docs, and 30 minutes to write.

Something is not quite right in this process.

Work shifts ate up most of the ealry evening.

I rediscovered my teenage love for Graham Parker.

Temporary Beauty. WOW.

And then a rare Thursday night for Forest on Sky.

I was going to BOOZE it.

Instead I went for my traditional Trent End refreshment of tea.

Happy with an away point.

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