Up far too early on Saturday morning.

I couldn't sleep at 5am and so decided to do something about it, rather than wait for the South London sun rise.

I caught up with some school work, put a wash on and even had time for a rare weekend shave.

Take that, Saturday.

I was first in the lido when it opened at 8am as well.

Le Gai Pensionnaire was next to do the Lake Brockwell dip. He was booked in for lessons with Lido Mike.

"I'm only going to flutter around with my breaststroke"

...he exclaimed whist dropping his draws in the gents.

Five minutes later and Lido Mike had Le Gai Pensionnaire doing the doggy paddle :wink:

Only time for 12 lengths from me for this morning.

My body felt a sense of awe when Michael told me he was in for a 10k swim.


A quick dash back to Sunny Stockwell, and then a tight turn around as I headed out to HQ.

The 'rrey at Lord's was always going to be a great day.

An end of season final spent watching Surrey in the company of some very close friends.

Oh - and Anna had the decency to join us from bloody Essex as well.

We had rubbish tickets in the Lower Compton.

Despite the late September sun, it was bloody freezing under cover.

The 'rrey won the toss and did a half decent job in dismissing Gloucestershire for 220.

We hatched a plan to storm the £50 Main Stand tickets during luncheon.

The presence of a military man put off Korfball Tony as he led the way.

"Just fucking blag it"

... was my message as I shamelessly walked past Mr Military Man and grabbed an empty row of seats.

The sun then went in, and Surrey came out to bat.

You can read the ending elsewhere. It wasn't to be a happy one.

I still has an absolutely ACE day out at HQ.

I LOVE that place - art deco toilets, the slope, and the sense that some South London oiks can gatecrash the party North of the river every now and then.

Saturday evening was spent sobering up and still catching up with some bloody school work.

Each time that a new iOS is released, it seems to b0rK my bloody way of working.

Editing and uploading some simple videos has taken half of the weekend.

I sobered up just before bedtime.

A good day.

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